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Profiling sword of the Spirit beta date and plans

Viryx imagined Ikiss sitting in the archive, reading over the same scrolls and books she was. What had led him here in the first place? More importantly, where had he gone afterward? NCsoft today finally announced, free to play MMORPG Sword of Hope next month will kick off its closed beta on October 30. If [Continue]

Divinity: Original Sin 2 Announced, To Be Founded Via Kickstarter

Larian Studios have announced that there will indeed be a sequel to the incredibly well-recieved Divinity: Original Sin, which got 19,541 backers tp pledge $944,282 in April of 2013. The game got stellar reviews on release, and managed to sell over half-a-million copies. Larian are currently porting to the game to both PS3 and Xbox [Continue]

Shadow Blade: Reload Review – A Mobile Port That Doesn’t Suck. Also, Ninjas

Usually when I discover a game is actually a mobile port my immediate reaction is to loudly scream, “NOPE!” at my computer screen, possibly while spraying tea across the room, and then try to wipe all knowledge of said game’s existence from my memory with the use of copious amounts of alcohol. Sometimes, however, a [Continue]

Albion Online Detailed

For our final day at Games we met up with the guys at Albion Online, the free to play open sandbox fantasy MMORPG that makes us think of an updated version of older more retro style MMORPGs in terms of features that balk at the overdone theme-park style titles we frequently see. In such an [Continue]

E3 2015: New Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Trailer

A new trailer for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain was shown at E3 today. The new trailer, which was teased last week on the Metal Gear Solid Twitter account, is incredible and is only increasing my excitement for the final release on September 1. The preview for the trailer that was [Continue]

How Should MMOs Celebrate an Anniversary?

  One of the hallmarks of a person’s life is that we celebrate the major milestones that come along. One type of milestone is an anniversary, which can portend to several events in our life. We might celebrate the anniversary of our marriage, the day we published our first book, and, of course, the day [Continue]