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Grim Campfire

Grim Campfire WoW LootThe Grim Campfire loot card is found in booster packs from the WoW TCG Worldbreaker expansion. It is a rare card, found in only 1 in 121 booster packs of Worldbreaker. Grim Campfire is essentially a far more eerie and super-cool version of the Basic Campfire. When used, the Grim Campfire item [Continue]

A Comfy Fishing Chair

Fishing ChairFishing Chair is a reward from the Gone Fishin’ Loot Card found in booster packs from the Fires of Outland Expansion Set. When used, a comfy fishing chair spawns for you to sit in, relax, and even do some fishin’ as long as you’re near a fishin’ hole. The chair can be used anywhere [Continue]

How to Trade Gold Between Characters in Diablo 3

  Being used to playing games like World of Warcraft, a lot of players have questions about how to go about trading gold between characters. If you’ve played for a while you likely realize how to go about doing this because it’s very simple, but if you are just starting out you might still be [Continue]